Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Most memorable experiences

A memorable experience in this class is the value portrait. Mixing the paint together was really fun the classmates that I was with during the semester really made it better and made me engage more into the work. I know sometimes we would mess around but we all liked each other work that we did and never really talked trash to each other and that made this semester a whole lot better including the painting. Another memorable experience in this class in when we did the Oaxacan Bowls. The Oaxacan Bowls made this semester in art really fun. Just the research we did kind of made it more interesting to learn about the impact of turtles and art in Mexico. It made this semester a whole lot of fun. I think everything in this class counts as a memorable moment because everything was so fun in this class!

Project that I am the most proud of

The project I am most proud of is the color collage. The impact of this project taught me that there are a lot of different shades of different colors. I had the color blue and blue was really fun to do because I included the patriots! What I also learned from this is that colors have meaning and colors mean things for people. Like blue is a sad color and sometimes can be a royal color. I talked to friends about other colors and they said that purple is the most royal color and that they are amazed of how many different shades of color there are.

Winslow Homer Comparison: Sense of Place

Wild Geese in Flight 1897 by Winslow Homer
1. Homer does a lot to give me a clear sense of where the place is, you can tell by the colors and the way the land is, that it is near a sand dune or dirt hill. You can tell that it is a very cloudy day kind of gloomy out and he gives off that it is kind of a sad painting. You can tell it is a sad painting because he effectively shows the dead geese on the ground and uses dull colors to show that this is a very sad painting. His foreground middle ground and background are astonishing. He really knows how to put in things for his foreground middle and back.

2. My place is in my uncles backyard in Arizona. What I have done to give a clear sense of where my place is that I included the map of where he lives and the pictures look very hot and dry like it is in a hotter place than Maine and I included the ground and what the grass looks like in Arizona. I feel like the actual place I did a good job on showing because no one would expect it to be Maine with the type of pictures I had and the background in the pictures made it so it looked like a hotter place than Maine.

3. What I think I could have done to make my place better is that I could have added different pictures to make it seem like it was in Arizona and make it seem like it is a warm and happy place to be with family. I could have added a different background to make it seem hot and warm in Arizona. I could have done better like Homer, not as good as him but still pretty good. I could have made it look like an actual scene instead of just posting memory pictures together.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Value Self Portrait

To determine where values change when light moves over an uneven surface by using a range of values to paint the different values in a realistic, monochromatic self-portrait;
To use your knowledge of color to choose a color that matches the mood of your pose.
To effectively communicate an image that looks like you through careful examination of the values and structure of your face.
Artists studied: Beverly Mclver, Carolyn Schlam, Rieko Fukinami The parts that I am most proud of is making the tints that I used. I feel like the tints that I used for my painting made my painting look very well done. If I didn’t have good tints it would look really weird and kind of bad.

Personal Space Box

Purpose: The purpose of this project was to look closely at the work of Winslow Homer so that I could better understand who he is as an artist as well as learn how to describe, interpret, and evaluate works of art. In response to looking at Homer’s work, I created a relief sculpture that is inspired by his work and concept. 
Arts studied: Winslow Homer

My place is my uncle's back yard in Arizona. This is my personal connection place because when I was younger I would go to Arizona to see my family there and me and my family would do all kind of things there, such as swim, play baseball, play cricket. We would do all sorts of things together as a family and it was great. It was one of my best childhood memories. The way I have included myself in this is me about to go swimming and me playing baseball in my uncles backyard. The reason why I took these photos is because these photos really mean a lot to me because family means a lot to me and in Arizona I would spend a lot of time with family. These photos mean a lot to me.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winslow Homer

To become familiar with Winslow Homer, a Maine artist;

To look at Homer’s work as a way to inform and inspire my own work;

Title: Wild Geese in flight
Medium: Acrylic
Year of creation: 1897
Describe as much as you can about the artwork.  What is happening?  How many people and/or animals are in it and what are they doing?  Describe any buildings that you see.  What time of day is it?  What colors are used? There are three geese in flight. Two that are on the ground that appear to be dead. Various tints of brown. Afternoon time near a sand dune.  
Point of interest/CompositionWhat attracts your eye first?  Where is it located? How does Homer draw your attention to this area?  (color contrasts, lines, location, changes in pattern, etc.)  The two dead geese in the foreground really caught my attention. Sand dunes most likely near a beach. They’re in the foreground, they are in a valley formed by the two sand dunes to the left and to the right.

Balance - Is there symmetrical or asymmetrical balance? Explain… Asymmetrical, because there is more happening on the right side of the painting. More geese flying on the right side.

Depth/Perspective- Is there a horizon line?  What is in the foreground, middleground, and background?  Is the background very deep and far away or is this painting shallow and close up? How do you know; describe it.
Yes in the middle ground. Two dead geese laying in the valley of a sand dune to the right of the geese there are some dark brown bushes that appear to be dead. Middleground, Two sand dunes forming a valley more shrubbery that appears to be dead. Background. three flying geese in align with each other going across the back of the painting
Mood – What are the feelings, emotions and/or mood you get when you look at this painting?  How do the colors, lines, brushstrokes, composition, subject matter contribute to the mood? Somber mood. You get the feeling that it is late fall/early winter just before the first snow. The two dead geese on the foreground giving it somber mood, and the brushstrokes seem very lazy and sad.

Interpret - Now that you have looked closely at the artwork and have read the title, describe the story of the painting. What do you think Homer was trying to communicate?
He is trying to communicate that there is a hunter that has shot the geese and causing the other geese to take flight on a cold winter day.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Fabulous Faces

Name of Artist

Beverly McIver

Carolyn Schlam

Rieko Fujinami

Insert Image - This MUST be a portrait
1. Do NOT use the image on the project intro page.
2. Do NOT use an image that is a photograph
(btw: Digital - C is a photograph)

Attribution for each artwork
  • Title of work
  • Medium (photograph, drawing, etc.)
  • Creator of work, if known
  • Date of completion or publication
  • Institution that houses the work (Museum of Modern Art, New York)
  • Website where retrieved, if possible
  • (CC) indicates the work is licensed under the Creative Commons License
Oil on canvas
Beverly Mclver 2010
Collection of the artist, courtesy Betty Cuningham Gallery, New York City

Frances at 103
Oil on canvas 2011

Carolyn Schlam

Collection of the artist
Mixed media on acrylic mirror

Rieko Fujinami

Collection of the artist
What do you NOTICE about each piece-be specific and you must find different things for each.
This painting seems very very sad and it does portray the depression of the Artist
This painting seems very calm and relaxing
This painting seems very deep and shows the emotion of the girl.
What inferences/conclusion can you make about each portrait? Why do you think the artist created this portrait? What do you think the artist was trying to communicate?
I think this is a good painting and I feel like people will feel the depression. I think the artist was trying to communicate feelings of depression.
I think the painting is alright but I feel like the meaning of the painting should be portrayed more.
I think the painting is good, it really shows the emotion of the girl and how she feels.
Consider noticing MORE, wondering MORE, finding MORE than 5 images….!